Dangerous Curves

I searched for other threads on the subject and didn’t find what I was looking for.

I’m playing the old game Dangerous Curves, by Irene Callaci. I’m kind
of stuck at endgame.

I’m in to see the mayor, and he admits everything
and offers a bribe. And there it sits.

Anyone have some information?


ps: I thought I posted this before, but it didn’t show. If there’s a “first post moderation” or something, sorry. I didn’t see anything in the FAQs.

Sorry, there is indeed first post moderation! We should put that in the FAQ.

I have been stuck on this for years.
And when I figured it out, I was angry at myself for not doing it sooner.

Before the mayor enters the office, press the intercom button.

When I posted the second one, I was paying more attention and saw the note about needing approval. I use these sorts of forums so often that I just tuned out the message initially. By the time I thought of it, too late to be sure.

Looks like you need something to get that unstuck. I wasn’t successful getting the receptionist to give up the file.


No, you DON’T need to unstick it. That’s what you want. I got it finished, thanks for the assist.

Is this post that I accidentally came across a major plot spoiler?

It’s the endgame hint, so I wouldn’t read it unless you’re at that point and stuck. Are you playing the game?

The spoiler didn’t show so it’s too late now.

Not sure what you mean.

The spoiler didn’t show on your first post. It’s ok,not your fault, must be a problem on my end.