damusix in english, dead or alive?

As I clean up stuff to be included with Inform6 for Unix, I decided that sound.h ought to be included. Then I thought why not update it for Glulx. A couple days later I came across Damusix, a Glulx-only sound extension in Inform6. I thought “Perfect!”. Then I noticed it’s in Spanish and no English translation seems available. Has anyone done this yet and not made it public?

Well, pretty quietly (probably not intentionally quietly, but while there’s the migration to new Inform, lots of extensions are in disarray, and people have taken to cataloguing them in different places, including github)…

So to start again: Well, pretty quietly, someone I don’t think I’ve encountered on this forum made an extensions called ‘Music’ which Hanon Ondricek has used maybe a couple of times now. The extension header says that it is based ‘on code by Massimo Stella and Wade Clarke (Glulx sound), Erik Temple (Glulx timing), and Eliuk Blau (DAMUSIX for I6)’.

So I don’t know if the author actually had access to DAMUSIX i6 stuff and has used some of it literally, or if he means that he has worked described functionality of DAMUSIX into this new extension. Either way, I thought there’s a chance you might want to contact him.

Here’s his github stuff:

github.com/i7/extensions/tree/m … %20Stelzer


Yes, I emailed him asking him for assistance in parts that I don’t quite understand, either in coding or Spanish. I’m doing a somewhat decent job with my broken understanding of Spanish and with google-translate.

It looks like that Music.i7x looks more like a distillation of those sources. What I’m after is first a straight translation from Spanish to English. As Inform6 code, it seems fairly straightforward and easy to understand.

You probably have–his forum name is Draconis.

And that’s why I hate silly pseudonyms.

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Yeah, why can’t people choose simple names that let everyone know exactly who they are?

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I got a reply from Eliuk Blau. He tells me that Damusix v4 for both Inform6 and Inform7 are in the works and should be released in 4 months or so. I haven’t decided if I’ll continue to translate Damusix V3 or not. I’m around halfway done. A couple more nights and it should be ready.