Damusix for inform 7?

I’m interested in experimenting with adding looping music and ambient sounds. Did Damusix ever reach a usable version, or is the multiple sounds extension still the best way to do this?

Also, is there a web glulx interpreter that can handle it? preferably a javascript one and not one that uses an applet? Am I asking for too much?

The web glulx interpreter doesn’t handle sounds (or graphics). I apologize for this. HTML5 sound is still a problem for game-like uses.

(I have no such excuse for the lack of graphics.)

It doesn’t have quite all the fancy features Damusix was intended to have, but Multiple Sounds by Massimo Stella gets you the basics of Glulx sound mixing.

Hey Aaron, I love your book. I’m going through it right now. So nice to find something that delves into the details of inform 7!

I give an explanation for the continued delay in the publication of DamusixI7.

Actually, DamusixI7 was already finished. However, a recent change in how the I7 represents the sound objects (technical things) has meant that I have to modify the code at various points DamusixI7, work that I have not had time to do.

Reason: moving to a new home, new job and recent medical diagnosis have kept me pretty busy.

Following the suggestions of good friends, I upload DamusixI7’s code on Github, as has a version adapted to changes in I7. I would not venture to give a date this time, because I could not comply with dates specified in previous messages.

I can say this: I continue to work on improving Damusix. Damusix continues to support and, of course, will be published for Inform7 version, because I am committed to this project and many people are really interested in him. I’m sure will be very useful to all.

DamusixI7 currently uses version 3 of the manager. But I am planning to version 4, and this is also one of the reasons why it has delayed the release of the code.

I will publish DamusixI7 without deep documentation in English, so I have all the help from the community to translate the manual correctly, given the many possible uses of Damusix, which allows fairly complex things.

Greetings to all. And thank you for your patience and continued support and interest.

Eliuk Blau. :wink:

P.S: Sorry for the bad google translate. :stuck_out_tongue: