CYOA/RPG hybrid mobile game --writers needed

My buddy and I created a mobile game based on old school CYOA and RPG’s, but we are heinous writers so need a couple skilled authors. We are offering pay (roughly $400-500 per “book”) and writing credit.

Here is a link to one of our iTunes adventure books to get a feel the project:
and our website…
also, the FAQ for the writing process: … WYDHs/edit

We are looking for all genres, not just dungeon crawls (even teen pop-fiction or space adventures). Our writing process is interactive with us (since we need it to fit into the specs of the mobile game itself).


Just to clarify, you’re looking for people who will design the game and write the text for you to program into your engine? So you want designers/writers? Or do you actually want designers/writers/coders? Or do you plan on designing yourself and you really just want writers?

It’s not in the OP but I thought it was interesting that these games are designed for groups of players. Almost like a mud/choice single quest hybrid.

I would be interested potentially.

We have done all the coding and design, in fact you can see the finished product on the Apple App Store with our first game/book, “The Firegate”. These book/games will be present on iTunes, ideally a few dozen of them --each character that players create can be transported between book/games allowing the user to mash-up genres.

The biggest task at hand now is getting solid writing. My friend and I are not writers, so we need help generating content. All writers will be featured as such and we will help promote the writing itself. But after creating the first book, you must be warned, it is not a super easy task. The writing has to be in particular format to work with the game mechanics --hence, posting on the Interactive Fiction website. All writing will need careful editing by me, not for quality necessarily, but to get the game aspect to mesh well. Therefore, there is a significant amount of collaboration.

The actual volume of pages is not too significant, since each page is more like one paragraph. Totaling about 150-300 mini-pages

With that said if you are also a talented coder, designer, or artist, we are always in need local talent.


Yes, they are designed to be played as a group of friends, 1-4 total. Each person takes turn making a choice. All choices might be discussed among the group of friends in a collaborative manner via chat.

Please shoot me off an email:

Mike or I should be able to respond pretty quickly. In general, we are looking for an interesting concept that will fit into the game mold and, of course, some reasonably good writing.

Also, If you have questions about the process etc, feel free to post them here and I will try to respond publicly.