CYOA Book Maps

found this elsewhere, … nture-maps

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Thanks for posting! I have thought of mapping out some of the CYOA Dragonlark books (CYOA for younger readers… I read them with my kids), just to see if the structure is as boring as I suspect it is. It is like the worst examples on that page (eg Island of Time) with branches that never merge again and long stretches of pages with just a single choice, with very little actual branching.

I have a bookcase (well, a storage tub) filled with hundreds of gamebooks and I look forward to someday picking up from where I left off at Turn to Page 4 with gamebook diagrams at The CYOA Addict, inspired by the excellent mapping at Sam Ashwell’s Heterogenous Tasks. Probably when my eldest daughter is old enough to start reading through the intended-for-younger-readers CYOAs.