Yes! I believe strongly in “the right tool for the job.” To me, one of the highest goals a work can strive for is to be perfectly matched to its chosen medium. The Gostak would simply not have worked as anything other than parser-IF, and The Matter of the Monster needed to be choice-based. (Braid needed to be a platformer. Exit Through the Gift Shop gains much of its strength from the documentary form. Watchmen needed to be a graphic novel with a very specific aesthetic. Etc.)

As such, I’m thrilled that ChoiceScript exists (along with Undum and Twine) and is apparently quite popular, because more people working in choice-based narrative means more progress towards really capitalizing on the medium’s strengths. Having more options means that any given author is more empowered to pick the perfect form for their games. I really don’t think there’s anyone who’s thinking “oh, I have this great idea for a puzzle game but this new system has a shinier website so I’ll just cram my ideas into a different format,” but I’m sure there are people thinking “I have this great idea for a game that looks exactly like [whatever]… now how can I make it real?” In fact, we get that question around the forum all the time.