Cygnet Committee - Linux and OSX Update

This is just a brief update about my comp entry, Cygnet Committee, for non-Windows users.

64-Bit Linux

The Linux version of the game is now available at It is an easy-to-use ‘appified’ version just like the Windows version. This depends on you having a modern system, though.

OSX, 32-Bit Linux, etc.

Follow these instructions

I can’t create an app for OSX and 32-bit Linux for various reasons, but one of my testers has confirmed that the game works in modern browsers under the right conditions.

As such, Mac OSX users other OS users can play it simply by downloading the Linux version and extracting it. Then, drag /data/files/index.html into your browser window.

Two things you should know: First, you should run the game in Chrome or Firefox. (Safari doesn’t support Twine’s save system by default and there may be a few other compatibility issues)

Second, trying to play the game in full-screen will likely give you trouble, so it’s best to keep it in a regular window.


Finally, I’ve created a video showing the first bit of gameplay and that is now on the page.