Curveship released

This paper is quite interesting. Just curious, what journals typically publish IF-related papers?

So color me confused. What is this Inform 7 thing doing that Inform 6 or TADS currently can’t do?

Well, this Inform 7 thing is an improvement in some levels to I6 (i.e., ease of constructing liquids, fire, and the whole concept of “relations”), as well as trying out a new way of communicating with the program. It’s unrelated to TADS. If you ask what is this inform thing that does what TADS doesn’t, that’s an older question.

By this time, everyone who’s interested knows the difference in the mechanics of writing a game in I6, I7 and TADS. Also, everyone knows that apart from a couple of niceties here and there, the final output will make no difference to the player.

Whereas I don’t think people have realised what Curveship is trying to do, either on the authorial or… er… “playerorial” level.

Well, I certainly haven’t.