Curses - stuck?

Hi all playing through Curses for the first time. I’m absolutely stuck, I’ve tried using a walkthrough but even when I use the same wording as the it doesn’t work. Right now I’m in the octagonal room trying to convert the eight of wands tarot card to a mahogany wand to then put in the coffin. I’ve tried wave eight / wave the eight / wave the eight of wands / wave eight of wands / wave card / wave wands / wave tarot card / wave 8 / wave the 8. The game just says you can't use multiple objects with that verb Im playing release 16 I believe

In Release 16, “wave wands” works for me. I remember having a lot of trouble finding this!

I just tested and wave wands works for me in r16. You can also try to put everything except this card in the rucksack and closing it if you got any other object that interfer with the noun wands. Then wave card works. You should avoid eight to specify the card.

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putting everything away and closing the sack worked! Thank you!