Curses R16 -- mis-assembled property table?

While working on my own terp, I noticed an oddity in one of the property tables assembly in Curses.z5 R16. On object 448 (“The Birdcage of the Muses”) there are two properties with the number 11 containing the same value. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it expected or an Inform compiler bug?


Sounds like a compiler bug. What’s the compiler version listed in the banner?

Oh, it’s built with quite an old version of the Inform compiler. The last version of this game (that I’m aware of) was released on 24-Oct-1995. The game header indicates that it is “Inform v1600 Library 5/12” – Perhaps ‘v1600’ came from the release number?

FWIW, this is more of a curiosity than anything. :slight_smile:

“v1600” indicates that the file was built with Inform 6.00: v1601 would be Inform 6.01, and so on.