Curses! hints

Does anyone know of a hints file for Curses? I’m consulting a walkthrough now, but it’s just too spoilerful.
If you type “HINTS” in the game, it tells you there are hints but you’ll have to find them. This refers to the demon and the angel, right?

Hi Christiaan,

Yes the hints in the game refers to the demon and the angel.

However a very useful set of hints is available from and this is what I used to solved Curses. It is a free, small program with hundreds of hints files for most interactive fiction and is also extremely easy to use. Simply install the free program and download the Curses hint file. The hints are very intuitive and only reveal the solution little by little so as not to spoil your enjoyment of the game. It helped me tremedously.

If on the other hand you do not wish to install a program with the hints then I will be happy to give you pointers and non-instrusive hints in this forum. You need only ask. I completed various versions of Curses. I presume you are playing the latest ZCode version with an Inform interpreter?

All the best!


Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for!
I’ve actually used UHS-hints some years ago to get hints for a few graphical adventures, but I never thought to see if they also had walkthroughs for “text-adventures”.

I am playing the latest version (release 16) in Windows Frotz and I thank you for your offer, but I guess I’ll be using the hint file.

You’re the nicest grue I’ve ever encountered though :wink:

Hi Christiaan,

Glad I could help! If you are interested I also made a full map of the entire game as one PNG file.

Hope you have as much fun as I did with Curses! Yes I’m a pretty good Grue, as long as you don’t turn your lamp off! :astonished:

That’s okay, one of my favourite parts of playing IF is making a map. If I finish Curses, I’ll have a map of my own.