Curses! hints (321 points)

It’s six months since my nephew and I last wrote asking for some hints on the amazing Curses! game. We are definitely deep into the midgame and have gotten stuck. It’s hard to know if we can’t solve a puzzle because we don’t have the right item or if we just didn’t figure out what to do.

As before, we’re looking for a gentle hint forward.

We have some objects: glowing golden orb, eight rods (Bronze, Stalking, Returning, Fire, Ice, Husbandry, Luck, Infinity), purple sash, & many other things. .

We can do some things but don’t know how they help: turn the cloak inside out, enter a mirror, roll huth consistently on a die, lean the timber spar against the folly, anoint ourselves with oil, say Shantih, ring bells in the church, kill the kraken, and use the Rod of Ice or Luck.

Some things we’d like to be able to do but can’t: bring the headless statue to life with Fire; use the spade for anything; open the Moon circle in the church; in Alexandria: get the iron key, put a coin in a mouth, open the Sosostris door, use the 3 6 1 pattern, use the astronomical mount; in the Maiden card: buy a dessert, not get killed by Zeus’ lightning bolt, sacrifice something useful in a cave, produce music to bring down the falcon.

Even a hint as to which puzzles we should be able to solve next would be helpful!

We were curious about something that we ended up trying randomly but didn’t know how we were clued for it. In particular, the device that helps us name the rods. We read the hieroglyphs but don’t know how they relate to putting the rods into that device. Are the rods “god things”? This was the only puzzle that wasn’t ultimately satisfying but perhaps we missed a hint somewhere.

Thanks for your time!


It was some time ago a played it so I’m not certain of everything you ask and what you’ve done an not done, but one puzzle you can solve is the Zeus ligthning bolt and this will make it possible to solve the Dessert, Cave and Andromeda puzzles.

(Hints from least to most spoilery)

  1. You just need som luck to safely escape Zeus lightning bolts..
  2. You’ll need the luck rod.

  3. Strike it and point it at yourself.

Thank you! It’s good to know that if we can get past this one puzzle that will help with a few others.

We have tried that particular solution but it didn’t help. Maybe we are using the wrong verb somehow?

strike luck
The rod charges with etherial power, drawn up from the earth through ley lines…

point luck at me
You feel no different. Perhaps there’s no such thing as luck.

Zeus, chief of all the gods, appears and hurls a thunderbolt down just before you begin to cross into the Temple. With the kind of calculation only a god could make, Zeus has worked out exactly what would happen and aimed the thunderbolt so that it hits you straight in the back despite your attempt to weave about. Pretty impressive prediction, is your last thought.

Ooh, I don’t really remember how complex this games is. It is coming back to me now…

Actually you can’t solve the Zeus puzzle before you been to the “universe maintenance room”.

Don’t continue before you solved the garden maze.

  1. Down from the patio in the maze there is a crypt with a bronze mural.

  2. “universe maintenance room” (among other things) is behind the bronze mural.

  3. Use bronze rod on mural.

  4. Useful verb behind the mural is “smell”.

  5. There is a switch in the universe maintenance room.

  6. Turn of “determinism” (for the universe) to make the luck rod work with Zeus.


No need to apologize - all the puzzles usually require just one extra step. That’s what makes Curses! such a good game. I stopped at clue # 4 since that helped greatly. I imagine we’ll report back in six months!

Curses! teaches perseverance. That’s been an important lesson. Thank you again!!

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