Curses! hints (<200 points)

My nephew and I have been taking advantage of Zoom share screen technology to play through Curses! This is his first IF and he is loving it so far.

We are at 174 points and haven’t made progress in a while. We’re looking for a gentle hint forward.

From reading another message on this site, I’ve learned about a room in the house we have not found:

  • a secret writing room

Two other curious things we have found:

We have killed the kraken. In doing so, it gave us text that implies that we’ve been to Mount Olympus before and met Zeus. We have not.

Furthermore, we see that the demon refers to a counterpart. We assume we’ll be meeting an angel at some point but we have not yet.

Maybe these are related, but maybe not.

Would a kind soul give us a gentle hint forward? If it helps to see where we’ve been, here are some items we can find and carry:

  • a few mahogany rods, a marble rose, a bunch of nuts, a papyrus fragment

Any hints appreciated!


If you’re asking specifically about a writing room,

(mild hint)

Have you tried looking up writing-related Meldrews in the history?

a bit more explicit (but not much)

The name on the cross in the village isn’t the right one, but can help you figure our which name is important.

a strong hint which still requires some work:

One of the books you have is written under a pseudonym.

And final spoiler (with complete solution):

The author of the romance book is Alison Meldrew. Look her up in the history.


Thanks for the gentle hints. This is exactly what I was looking for! I’ll report back when my nephew and I can try following them… I’m so excited!

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The hint was tremendous help - we figured it out before the final spoiler. It was a satisfying puzzle. It opened up so much for us and brought us to (at least) 200 points!

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