Current year - how can Inform recognize it?


Anyone bit bothered by the fact the story creation year is “this year” and you have to input it manually to get to use it?

Is there a reason for this?

I kinda wanna be able to keep track of projects that take a good damn long while.[code]yearofstart is a number that varies. yearofstart is 2015.

The story creation year is 2015.

to say creationduration:
if Story creation year is greater than yearofstart:
say “[yearofstart]-[Story creation year]”;
say “[Story creation year]”;[/code][size=150]is there a way to make inform input the year it is at the time i hit the build/release button?[/size]

I’d really like to know.

oh and I did try the search function but

Thanks a fuckin’ lot, search function.

And there’s no real mention in the documentation or recipe book. None that would do more than I’m already doing by inputting it manually.

Nope. It’s a plain variable.

Although, what happens if you don’t include “story creation year”…the compile might default to the current year.

Alas, no; it defaults to 0, like an ordinary number variable.

You can read the serial number. It has only two digits for the year though.

How do I do that? 0.0

The easiest way would be to borrow this code: … v3.i7x#L30

Or if you just need it as a string, like this.


Include (-

[ YEAR i;
for (i=0 : i<2 : i++) print (char) HDR_GAMESERIAL->i;
for (i=0 : i<2 : i++) print (char) ROM_GAMESERIAL->i;
#Endif; ! TARGET_


To print the serial number: (- YEAR(); -).

To say the current year:
say “The year is 20”;
print the serial number;
say “!”.

First check thinking: say the current year instead.

The Testing Room is A Room.

Test me with “think”.[/code]

Hope this helps.

The story creation year is intended to be the year the game was originally released. So it should not be necessary to set it more than once.

But what I want to do (now that the end of the year is coming up) is show not only the year I started but also the year the version the player would be playing was finished in, say, 2015-2019.

… I procrastinate a lot.

I also forget a lot so I kinda want that to happen automatically so future me doesn’t have to bother with it. Why do the work then if I could do the work now?

That’s still procrastinating because I’m putting off working on the story itself when I’m working on the innards.

The date of compilation is already shown as the release serial number.