Current location and room description missing!!


As soon as we are using this code the current room name ( the one in bold font) and the desciption of the current room are missing.

After going: now Kfolgen is 0; now ZügeCounter is 0; Let KontaII be the list of Kontaminierter; repeat with n running through KontaII: if Folge of n is true: Move n to the location; now Folge of n is false; Let Konta be the list of Kontaminierter; repeat with k running through Konta: if Folge of k is true: Move k to the location; now Folge of k is false;

Changing the “after” into a “before” makes this weird behaviour disappear but of course the mechanics wont work as intented anymore.
Does anyone know what is causing this weird behaviour ?

After rules by default end the action processing before you get to the Report rules (see Writing with Inform §7.5). The rule that prints the current room name and description is the “describe room gone into” rule, which is a Report going rule. So this is just an effect of the way the After rules work.

If you want, you could end the rule “continue the action” (again, as in Writing with Inform §7.5) and that would allow things to continue to the Report rules. Another option would be to make it a Carry Out Going rule, which is a natural place to put rules that encompass additional effects of the action. You’d probably want to make it Last carry out going, to make sure that it doesn’t happen until the player is in the new room.

One issue, though–if I understand the code correctly, you might want to print a message for each n and k that you move to the location. “Jane follows you” or something like that. In that case, it might be better to handle it as an After rule with “continue the action.”

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