cue a scene with a "to ..." or say phrase?

Is there a way to explicitly cue a scene? I would like to be able to do something like

say "You tumble down the stairs [cue white rabbit]"

My best bet yet is something like

The bedroom is a room.

A scene can be cued.

Enter sandman is a scene. Enter sandman begins when enter sandman is cued. When enter sandman begins, say "A tall dark man knocks on your window. ";

The bed is an enterable fixed in place container in the bedroom.

After entering the bed:
now enter sandman is cued.[/code]

But this feels like a workaround – is there some easier way that I’m missing?

Actually I guess that works pretty well, all I need to do is

A scene can be cued. 
To say cue (s - a scene): cue s.
To cue (s - a scene): now s is cued.

And then do say “blah blah blah [cue enter sandman]”.

Inform7 is really cool.

Aye :sunglasses: