Crypt; Hint Request


I’m playing the 1990 DOS game Crypt. ( Crypt - Details (

Oldschool two-word parser. Very entertaining.

I’m literally stuck in the second sarcophagus to the north, and I’m running out of air.

Anyone who remembers playing this game and knows what to do?

I haven’t played it, but if you get desperate, there are solutions at IFDB and a more detailed one at CASA.



I’ve got both in my IF-Walkthroughs folder. I keep them for when I’m hopelessly stuck. Asking on the Forum is my go-to hope for two reasons:

  • Someone might have played the game and can give nudge-to-blatant hints.
  • Sometimes it opens up the board for discussion and reminiscence about “that long-forgotten game I played when I was thirteen and lying in bed all week home from school because I almost died from an ant-bite and I swear that thing was the size of a Grue”.

Since Crypt is an oldskool non-linear treasure search, I restored to an earlier save. I’ll avoid that area for now and look for more clues elsewhere.


Your hint request inspired me to play the game (not finished yet), thanks for that. :slight_smile:
It is fun to play and runs without a hitch in DOSBox 0.74.

I see from the review thread that you’ve completed it already, but just in case someone else is stuck in the same place, here’s a way to resolve the situation without restoring a save.

Very general hint:

The solution is to be found in information you can collect on the ground floor of the church.

Gradually more explicit hints:

  1. It is connected to the church’s history.

  2. The north transept contains an important hint.

  3. Use the advice from the north transept in conjunction with a piece of information given by the vicar.

  4. (WAKE VICAR to get the necessary bit of knowledge.)

  5. Uttering the name of the church’s patron saint will save you from a dangerous situation.

If you’re stuck in the described situation and you didn’t come across the clues which I mention in the gradual hints above, then here’s the explicit solution:

  1. SAY HUBERT (or just HUBERT) will teleport you from the tomb chamber to the north transept.


Unless you’ve already cluelessly locked yourself in the sarcophagus, of course.

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Hehe, yes, you’re right, that’s a good point, in the described situation the player wouldn’t be able to follow through on the first few gradual hints to gather the information. And it’s definitely a game where one can get stuck or die, and thus should keep saves.

But, having said that, the game does not check whether the player did actually collect the information “lawfully”, or whether the info comes from a former play session or a hints forum. So in the (probably unlikely) event that someone has already done a lot of exploring and treasure-collecting and then gets into that situation without a savegame and without having found the information in-game, the direct solution from hint number 6 will still work to get them out. I think I’ll add that last bit of meta-information to my post above to reflect that. :slight_smile:


I do like old DOS games; there is something indefinable about the good old white text on black background format that appeals to my outdated self. Have you tried the Daemon Quest trilogy by Steve Blanding? Three great old DOS efforts.