Crowdfunding Question

Hey, groovy gang! Can you folks do me a big favor? If you have a Patreon or any other crowdfunding account, or know of an interactive fiction-related account, can you please let me know by replying in this thread? This is for an upcoming article in IFography.

The folks I know of so far are: David Welbourn, Adri, Jimmy Maher, Zarf, Squinky, and Javy Gwaltney.

Who else is doing this? Please chime in! Thanks!!!

Caelyn Sandel has one (and a gofundme to help her through a current rough spot).


Thanks, guys!

Also Zoe Quinn, duh, although that’s a long way from being IF-specific.

Porpentine -
Anna Anthropy -
Gersande -

Anna Anthropy and Gersande are not exclusively IF, but have created Patreon-supported IF works.

Thanks! Awesome! :slight_smile:

Adam Cadre.


makes me want to get a patreon account so I can concentrate on developing my interactive haiku without risking not finishing it for not paying the power bill

How does that help this thread?

so that when I have one you may gratify me

while I don’t have one, here’s a guy I’d gladly support if I ever noticed he had opened one such account 2 years ago:

Please obtain your parents’ permission before logging onto the internet. Thank you.

Okay - let’s get back on topic, please.

What other crowdfunded IF authors are there?

Harry Giles.

I think that’s his page for supporting other people? Doesn’t look like a Patreon page (unless he just hasn’t launched yet.)

This is the link for Harry’s Patreon. He launched it earlier today.

Ah, that looks more like it.

Duh. Thanks. I noticed his twitter, poked around, then used Google tab.

I was, uh, trying to reach to the more general theme that it’s important to support and be supported. That’s it!

In case you’re still searching for this info - I just opened a Patreon yesterday.

A neat site. Thanks for posting. As a writer I find it helps me to stay motivated to have some sort of external validation or prod, something like this might be more useful for that mental poke than for the money itself