Crediting authors of debugging extensions

Is it usual to include debugging extensions in the actual release of a game? It seems like it’d add to the file size unnecessarily, but it also looks like extension authors are credited automatically by Inform, so I’m not sure how the crediting would be handled if the extensions were left out.

If the code in the extension is marked “for release only” then it won’t affect the file size, and you might as well include it.

If not, you wouldn’t want to include it – file size isn’t that important, but there might be unnecessary processing or exposed debug commands that you wouldn’t want the player to have access to.

You could add a note in the “about” text, if you have any.


Crediting debugging extension authors isn’t strictly necessary when you’re not publishing anything that includes the extensions. It’s still a nice thing to do, though.

Or send the author a message of thanks when it helps you diagnose a particularly nasty bug. That would mean a lot to receive!

I didn’t know there was such a thing! Cool :slight_smile:

Can anyone suggest some good ones?


I have found Object Response Tests really helpful. You can automatically test standard actions (and new actions, if you add them) on all the objects in each room, to make sure the responses make sense. Property Checking is nice to make sure you haven’t forgotten to give something a description.