Credit where credit isn't due

IFDB seems to suggest I co-authored Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents “Detective”, as it shows up on my author search:

I’m guessing this is something to do with Stuart Moore working on the game. But my games don’t show up on his search:

Anyone know how I can fix this? Is it fixable? Why does it happen one way and not the other?

EDIT: By the by, this isn’t related to the recently discussed IFDB issues, it’s been the case for several months.

Would you prefer Alan Smithee?

Hey, didn’t that guy direct Dune? I (insert random verb) that movie!

Great, more guess the verb!

(I keep mentally adding “…and the Distance” whenever I read your name. I guess that’s the downside of having a normal name. (I assume that you’re not him - if you are: you’ve made some good music!) When I once visited America, nobody I met were able to come close to pronouncing my name, but on the plus side, if I google my name, most of the top hits are referring to me.)

:laughing: Nope, not me. Though now I’m thinking I should keep quiet and let everyone think I’ve achieved things in life!

I think you can edit any entry and remove your name. Not sure how it got there - perhaps your name is similar to someone else and it picked your ID by accident?

Do you mean the game entry? Because my name isn’t on it, that’s the odd thing.

I notice that Sean Moore’s game comes up when you search for Stuart Moore.

Huh, I didn’t notice that. Happens the other way round, too. But Lawrence Moore’s search just shows his games. Andrew Reed and Aaron Reed searches also bring up both authors’ games.

guess The Moore Conspiracy is a fine title for an IF :wink:

In summary: mo’ Moore, mo’ problems.

Based on the pattern of the results, it seems as if the search uses (in addition to the surname) only the first letter of the given name. MST3k shows up for you because of Graeme Cree’s co-authorship. Compare the searches for the fictitious personae Sassafras Moore and Grue Moore, and also this search for Sean M, which does not turn up Sean Moore, but, among others, the games by Simon M. Langan.

It’s because IFDB’s search is implicitly OR-based. Put quotes around multiple words to group them together.

I once got credited with writing a game that wasn’t mine. If it had been a good game I’d have well chuffed and probably gone around telling people what awesome coding skills I had, but unfortunately it was a bad game so I just buried my head in the sand and hoped no one noticed.

Sure, but Geoff’s question was about the specific results of the search for “author:”, where Stuart Moore’s game shows up in a search for Geoff Moore, but not the other way around (and in both of these, neither Laurence nor Bill Moore’s games turn up, but Sean A. Moore’s does so in the Stuart Moore search). And quoting the name in the author search doesn’t change that.
(But of course, your suggestion functions as a workaround, because the author is included in the default search, so just searching for “Geoff Moore” gives the desired results. Alternatively, one could also search for author:geoff author:moore).