Creating something like Gun Mute with I7

Hi all,
So I’ve been dabbling in Inform as of late and was curious as to how to make a sidescrolling game like Gun Mute? I know how to make the rooms and things I believe, but timed events and all that. I want to create a story based game but have an element of gaming where the player character has a futuristic console where one can play games in similar design to Gun Mute where I might parity video games or something. I think Gun Mute was in Tads but I feel that for me, English and I get along so for the most part, I7 is easy to understand. Now if only the guy who writes Zoom would come out with an update so we can play Glaux games on the Mac again…

If you want timed events, then take a look at “9.11. Future events” in the Inform 7 Documentation. Here’s an example of this in action.


The Chamber is A Room. An egg timer is in the Chamber. The description of the egg timer is “A plastic egg timer in the shape of a chicken can be pressed to set it going.”.

Instead of pushing the egg timer:
say “It begins to mark time.”;
the egg timer clucks in four turns from now.

At the time when the egg timer clucks: say “Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! says the egg timer.”.

At 9:05 AM: say “It is now 9:05 AM.”.

Test me with “push timer / z / z / z / z / z”.[/code]

There are 2 ways of setting timed events: “at the time when (something happens)” and “at (a time)”. Both can be seen above.

Hope this helps.

Hi Orinks, and welcome to the forum. There is an interpreter called Gargoyle which handles Glulx games (and a lot of other formats) and is available in a Mac version:

I thought the timing in Gunmute was just turn based, not real time?

  • Wade

Both of climbingstars’ examples were turn-based. The referenced 9:05 is the fictional, in-game time.

All game created in Inform 7 have a time, which starts at 9:00AM, unless otherwise stated. This then advances at the rate of one minute per turn. See “9.6. The time of day” in the Inform Documentation.