Creating Hyperlink Style IF with Inform7

I am interested in developing a hyperlink style IF, think TWINE, but using Inform7 as the platform.
Because z-code and Inform7 offers features that I cannot achieve with Twine.
(save state, etc)

However, it is not clear to me that I can use Inform7 to create IF that does need keyboard entry.
All hyperlink, all the time.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

It is possible – I’ve done it. But I’m not sure what extensions exist to make it easy.

Do you mean something like … Media.html
(it is in italian, press “space” at the beginning to see the hyperlinks)
Even if you can see the “command line” waiting for input, a player can complete the game using only clicks.
There are also other examples that look even better, but I know very well only the example, which also contains the full source code.

I can definitely imagine a twine-like interface in Inform 7 with glulx. With the z-machine, I’m not so sure. If you’re okay with using glulx and want to try your hand at designing the interface and its behavior, here are two extensions that will help out.

  1. Inline Hyperlinks by Erik Temple: A good extension for handling the actual links. It’s very easy to use.

  2. Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold: This has a variety of uses, but it will be especially helpful for creating the sort of sidebars common of twine games.

Note that as of this writing, these extensions have yet to see official updates to the new 6L02 version of Inform 7. Until they get updated, you will probably have to use the previous version, 6G60.

Ah, I just remembered where it was: Glulx Input Loops by Erik Temple has a simple example showing how to make a hyperlink-only extension. That is, the code itself is simple (only one line after you’ve included the extensions!) rather than it being something that you have to make a lot more complicated to do what you want.

It requires Inline Hyperlinks and I suspect probably isn’t updated for 6L02 as of now, and you might need Flexible Windows for sidebars and the like, but if advertised this is a pretty quick solution for hyperlink-only play. (Caveat: I haven’t tested it, as I don’t have Glulx Input Loops installed.) EDIT: Glulx Input Loops itself also requires (and includes) Flexible Windows, which I guess means it’s definitely not updated for 6L02, as it’s my understanding that updating Flexible Windows for 6L02 is going to be a lot of work.

Glulx Input Loops definitely isn’t updated for 6L02! Much of the support code from it is included in the newest version of Glulx Entry Points, so there would be some repetition there. As for the rest of the extension…well, it could really use a complete overhaul. I didn’t do a very good job in designing it. Still, it’s pretty solid for this use-case, and while I have no plans to update this or any other extensions for 6L02, it might not be too bad a conversion if there’s anyone intrepid enough to give it a shot.

Inline Hyperlinks works in 6L02, and the modifications to remove the command-pasting would be minimal.

hi! I have a question:
I’m using Inline Hyperlinks, in order to click-the-command.

[code]“Test” by sarganar

Include Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short.

Include Inline Hyperlinks by Erik Temple.

Hall Testing is a room.“It appears that the only thing to do here is to [link]jump[end link].”[/code]

That produces the output:

when you click in ´jump´word.
fine! but I dont want that CR between the prompt and the past-word jump.
Is there any way to produce this output?

I follow the flow and ended in the cancelling input in the main window rule/Glulx Entry Points
, perhaps the magic is in the cancel character input in the main window phrase?

I found this workaround:

[code]When play begins:
sets echo line events off.

To sets echo line events off:
(- glk_set_echo_line_event(gg_mainwin,0); -)


(Following some tips from here ).