Creating game with Adventuron classroom

Hello guys. I’m new to this forum and I wanted to ask you a question about Adventuron. First of all, I hope i’m creating this topic in the right category. Now… I’ll try to explain you my problem.

Adventuron comes with default instructions ex: “Look at, pick up” etc. etc. I’m creating the game in italian so I’d like to change them. Any solution? Thanks in advice for help.

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I took the liberty of adding the “adventuron” tag, which should help distinguish it from all the IFComp discussions going on right now, and moved it to Authoring - Other Development systems where it seems the majority of the Adventuron questions have been… Hope you get a good answer, and welcome!



Firstly, if your game is verrb and noun, then you should be able to make a game in Italian even though adventuron itself doesn’t natively support the language (English and Spanish are only currently native supported).

For other languages and for verb noun games you should create associations between English verbs and Italian verbs in the vocabulary table.

To do this create a vocabulary {} section then create the following items

vocabulary {
: verb / aliases = [get, italianget1, italiantget2];

You only need one of the English words to be able to hook your Italian words into the set. You can add any number of Italian words this way,.comma separated.

Secondly, you should create a themes {} section, then inside create a theme, then inside create a system_messages{} block (use control + space to create these blocks, especially the system_messages block).

The system_messages {} block will automatically expand out to show current English system messages, which then you should translate to Italian.

I’m away from computer at the moment, but that should be enough to get you started. Feel free to ask additional questions.

Do note that adventuron will not be guaranteed to pick up subtleties of Italian grammes as the above approach will still have adventuron using the rules of English grammar in its parsing. But, theoretically, it should work fine if your game is verb noun. You will have to experiment as I don’t think and Italian adventure has been created with adventuron yet.

Native support may be added in future which will have one step “language = Italian” , but really don’t wait for that if you have a verb noun game.

Hope this didn’t confuse you. If you have more questions I’ll be checking the forum regularly.


Thanks, you really helped me <3

Now I’m having only one little question. I have no problems with verbs now but what I have to set directions to?
If I set directions as verbs during translation the game just tell me “not now” like if it’s an action. Other settings (noun, adjective, preposition) will let the game tell me “The word (word) is not necessary in this game”


Sorry you are having trouble with directions.

Directions should be able to be mapped in the way described beforehand, so I will look into that (possibly a bug).

Here is another way of mapping directions. I think it would be too difficult to describe what it’s doing, so just accept this as a copy and paste for now.

Let me know if it works !

on_command {
   : gosub "map_directions";

   // Other code

} // end of on_command block

subroutines {

   map_directions : subroutine {

      // TODO :: Translate the direction verbs (directions are verbs in adventuron)
      //         To Custom Langauge

      : match "north _"     / : go_dir "1";
      : match "northeast _" / : go_dir "2";
      : match "east _"      / : go_dir "3";
      : match "southeast _" / : go_dir "4";

      : match "south _"     / : go_dir "5";
      : match "southwest _" / : go_dir "6";
      : match "west _"      / : go_dir "7";
      : match "northwest _" / : go_dir "8";

      : match "up _"        / : go_dir "9";
      : match "down _"      / : go_dir "10";
      : match "enter _"     / : go_dir "11";
      : match "exit _"      / : go_dir "12";

} // end of subroutine block

An easier template for translating Adventuron games is now available here …

Unfortunately, it still only supports languages that have mostly the same grammar as English, in verb-noun style games, which should cover most European-origin languages.

Beyond this, Adventuron needs parser plugins per language (currently only English and Spanish are supported natively).

The compass and compass_short system messages are good news. Definite_article and indefinite_article are available in the object property, but I didn’t succeed in using them.