Creating constant windows that could display text/pictures?

I’d like to be able to divide the screen into sections so that there could be a constant room description in one section and a small picture of the area (with exits indicated) in another to aid in navigation and so the player doesn’t have to type ‘look’ all the time. I found an extension, Flexible Windows, that sounded perfect, but trying to use it gave me a screen full of errors (and it’s the only thing I put into the game so far, so it must be something in the extension.) Is this just an extension that doesn’t work, or is there a complete version I can get from somewhere? If this one doesn’t work, is there any other way to do this?

You need different versions of Flexible Windows depending on which version of Inform you’re using. This is asked often enough that the answer is probably in some other thread here, which is good because I can never remember. :confused:

See this thread if you’re using 6L38.

Hmm–so I have the right extension now, and I have both the other extensions that are linked in that thread also put into folders with their authors’ names on them like you’re supposed to. When I try to compile, I get this message:

I also went and got the extension ‘Glulx Text Effects’, since it sounded like it needed it, and put that in the Emily Short folder, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference either way–is anyone able to figure the problem out from this message?