Craverly Heights open beta

Craverly Heights has been updated on Playfic with a bunch of new content, including some new endings. It hasn’t been extensively tested, but I hope you’ll enjoy it regardless.

If you find any bugs or typos or anything, you can let me know right here in this thread. Transparency.

Right now my main reaction is that it totally reminds me of Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace.

Then I have to play it! I’m glad someone else here has seen that show. I’m presuming it didn’t make it across the pond.

It did. I love it.

Heh. I’m surprised. (Not that you love it, that it made it and worked there).

Not sure how well it worked. I only saw it being given a brief stint on Cartoon Network. Then I never saw it again on the telly. :frowning:

I’d like to think it was due to Adult Swim pushing for more original content, and not the lack of an audience. I loved that dang show.

Apparently, I’m glad everyone here has seen that show! :slight_smile:

I believe the following sentence contains an extra word, though it is not entirely possible to be sure!

“Cut the bull, Leo. We both know that I made Janine hit Wendell with her car after he you saw him digging down at the train yard where we buried the jewels. I mean, Pauline.”

By the way, how on earth do you get tab stops in Playfic? When I hit the tab key in Playfic it moves me to the next window pane.

ETA: Also, though there is good reason for the following to happen, this could probably go more smoothly:

Anyway, cool!

Thanks, Matt! In Chrome, on OS X, I can type tabs in Playfic just fine—even though I can’t do the same in this text field I’m typing in right now?—but I don’t know if I had to change a setting somewhere first.

Oh goodie, update. Is it now possible to discover the mystery of the dog? Because that kept me going around in circles until I dove into the source code and found it it wasn’t actually a solveable mystery in the first version.

Oh, OK! I use Firefox – I could try Chrome but that seems like if I need to launch an application to write this I might as well just launch Inform. Especially because Chrome has a nasty habit of popping up ten consecutive dialogue boxes on startup asking if it can use confidential information in my keychain – for the same site, and even when I say “Allow.” And then the stored playfic password turned out to be wrong. What I’m saying is, grump.


When I shoot Craverly as Sid, it says that I’ll never find the jewels, even if I already found them.

And that bug was so serious you give the game a solid 5, hey? :unamused:

(couldn’t help myself, sorry)

You know what, I think it’s about time I change my sig around here.

ETA for clarity:

[spoiler]Note for people from the future: Originally this was my sig:


I possibly get a naked photo because you changed your signature? :confused:

(copying Peter)

OK, I’ll play: Is the new sig about Heartbleed?

Yeah, how’d you guess?

I’m flattered!

I dunno – it kind of seemed like the explanations of how it works that I’ve read.

Out of curiosity, what was the old one about?