Craverly Heights in Inform 6

I adapted Johan Berntsson’s PunyInform port of Craverly Heights to use the Inform 6 standard library. Both these versions are now available at:

If you care to check out the diff between the two versions, you’ll find that the changes are quite small. I have made sure the game can be compiled to either Z-code or Glulx.

The difference in size is just about what could be expected. The PunyInform version is 49 KB and the Inform 6 version is 84 KB, in Z-code format.


Interesting port. I made a diff and noticed that you used a different set of abbreviations. I guess that if you use the same as in the puny-version the i6-version would come down a couple of bytes…

I, for one, find this “Rosetta stone” aspect very informative.


The Inform 6 version gets better compression with a different set of abbreviations, since all the strings in the library are also included in the game. The abbreviations used were produced by Johan, in exactly the same way as for the PunyInform version.

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Ahh, I see!

I didn’t think of that! (That the library strings would give another set of abbreviations.) That’s obvious, now that you pointed it out.

There’s also a difference here between the Inform 6 library and the PunyInform library: If you create a custom library response in PunyInform, and that response was only used for that single message ID, the original response is not included in the compiled file, in order to save space.

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