Cragne Manor on Frotz?

Oh hai!
I might be doing something wrong (per usual) but is there a way to play Cragne Manor with Frotz? I notice some other titles in my collection won’t play on it either. Is there a setting I’m missing? Or does it not run large games?

Which Frotz do you mean?

If you’re using Windows Frotz, it only runs Z-code games, not Glulx.

That must be the case. What’s the other Frotz?

iFrotz for iOS also includes Glulx and TADS, maybe more.

Unless I’ve read it wrong, that’s just for phones? I still can’t find it. Where should I be looking for a download?

Yes just for Apple phones and tablets (iOS).

Is there a terp that has text-to-speech and will run Cragne on a laptop?

I had an iPad running iFrotz for four years before I realised this.

WinGit does.

Googling “WinGit” yields nothing useful. If you don’t feel like helping me, that’s fine, don’t help. But giving me a couple of words with no link or anything is a waste of everyone’s time.

Wasn’t trying to be unhelpful, and didn’t expect it to be so hard to find. David’s posted the link now :).