Cowriter for pre-written horror fantasy/adventure novel

Hey, I have a book trilogy I’m working on. I’m not a professional writer, but I have a great outline already plotted out in detail for the horror fantasy/adventure trilogy I can’t stop thinking about. My aim is to make a movie trilogy of it someday. But good movies start with books.
The title of the trilogy is Book of the Underground. In this trilogy a demon leader known as the Dark Master is trying to get his hands on the ancient Book of the Underground (which is the world he rules over) in order to enslave humanity. Its sounds a little corny but it’s got a lot of dark humor in it as well, and its very fun and action-packed. think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets I hate to say it because it’s going to be more adult-like but Percy Jackson. The main character is a teenager who finds the ancient book in his local library, then after a few strange occurences he finds himself learning to survive and must escape the world of the Underground in the first book and also must stop an army of undead (and they dont look anything like zombies but similar) from taking over his hometown. For this one I have the whole book published already in my own writing (I did it for the hell of it) but in all honesty since its not going anywhere right now because it’s not written by a professional author, I would love to collaborate with someone professional. I’ll send you the story and together we’ll make it a legitimate novel. I also have half of the second book written now, along with a very detailed plot for the rest of the story.


Two questions:

  1. Is this interactive in any way? It sounds like static fiction, from your description (which will make it harder to find a collaborator here.)
  2. How much are you paying? Is it per hour, or for the entire project?

Quite aside from what Carolyn said, I would add that you’re very, very unlikely to find a professional writer who wants to collaborate on a project. Professionals (myself included) have far more story ideas already than we can possibly find time to write. We’re not looking for ideas, and we’re not looking to collaborate with amateurs (for several reasons).

If you’re serious about wanting to move this project forward, the way to do it is: First, buy and read a few good books on how to write fiction. I can recommend some titles if you’re interested. Second, write your story yourself. Third, welcome to the horrible battleground of getting published! It’s nasty. But there’s no other way to do it.