How do I make one stationary object that is covered by a second movable object?

David C.

[code]Test Room is a room. “Here is where the test is carried out.”

The panic button is a thing. “A button marked ‘PANIC’ has been revealed where you moved the floor tile.” The description is “You don’t want to panic, do you?”.

Instead of taking panic button:
say “It seems to be welded down, although you could probably push it.”

After pushing the panic button:
say “Panic ensues.”

a loose floor tile is in Test Room. The description is “You could probably pick it up off of the floor.”

Carry out taking loose floor tile:
now panic button is in test room;
say “Aha, there’s a button underneath!”

Test me with “look/x button/push button/x tile/take tile/x button/push button”[/code]