Courtesy re: bug reporting in comp games

I’ve come across at least one bug in an IF Comp 2020 that results in getting stuck in a way that is obviously unintended, forcing a restart.

I’m not sure if it is polite to put this information in reviews on IFDB–esp. as authors may release post-comp versions on IFDB, and I wouldn’t want the old review to be confusing.

Is it courteous or acceptable to point out these bugs on IFDB reviews, or would it be more polite to place those reviews here, where there is the context of the competition?


I usually include a hidden bug section “comments for the author (contain spoilers)” below my interviews.

I think this is the sort of information potential players need to know, so they can either avoid the bug while playing, or, in the case of multiple crippling bugs, avoid the game.

Reviewers aren’t writing just for the game-designers, they’re writing mainly for other players.

(You can contact the game-designer with bug information, if you have contact info, but I don’t think this should change your review.)


yes, for sure! if you encounter any issues with accelerate, please feel free to email whatever you like to you’re welcome to rate it as you found it, of course, but we’d love to be able to help fix any issues, and make sure others don’t encounter them, if only just to value their time in a very busy comp.

If you mentioned it in review, also put the work’s version number with it, so readers can find out if your mentioned bug is likely to be in their copy.