Counting Objects Too Often (adv3Lite)

I have a vague memory of fixing a closely related bug a few months ago, but I don’t remember how I did it. You’re in a location where you’ve given an NPC some shoes and a forked stick, and I’m trying to streamline the output text if you TAKE ALL or PUT ALL IN BAG while you’re with the NPC. Here’s the erroneous output:

>put all in bag
The pair of shoes? The poor guy has little enough as it is. The forked stick? The
poor guy has little enough as it is. (first taking two pairs of shoes then taking two
forked sticks)
You put your purse, the screwdriver, and the battered trumpet in the shopping bag.

There’s only one pair of shoes and one forked stick. Here’s how I’ve coded the actor:

cannotTakeFromActorMsg(obj) {
    return 'The <<>>? The poor guy has little enough as it is. ';

If I use a double-quoted string rather than returning a single-quoted string, I get an output that refers to four of each item rather than two.

Clearly the parser is constructing a list (and checking it twice…). Can anybody tell me how to sidetrack this so the count won’t increment?

tried the ACTIONS debug command ? perhaps you can find what method is called twice instead of once…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Do you use a showStackTrace function? If you call it from the implicit message, you might be able to see where it’s originating…