Counterfeit Monkey car problem

I’m stuck on this early section of the game - sorry!

[spoiler]I’ve added the fuel to the car. I’ve got the oil. I’ve created the garage and mechanic in the High Street. But how do I get the car to the garage or the garage/mechanic to the car?

When I tried changing the garage back into garbage (so that I could carry it), I got arrested. When I tried taking the garbage previously, the game wouldn’t let me as there were “other people to do that”. The car, meanwhile, appears to be fixed in place so I can’t push it etc between rooms.[/spoiler]

Really enjoyed the game concept so far but this puzzle has got me beat…

If I remember correctly, you have the right approach but the wrong object.

Changing the garage back to garbage is no help.

But the car didn’t start out as a car, did it?

I think if you change the car back to, er, chard it’ll work.

Of course! Thanks… just wondering what the code is called that people use for spoilers on other sites… it looks like gobbledygook but translates somewhere… I’ve forgotten where! Cheers

rot13, probably. You can use among many other tools.

gunaxf - gung jnf gur bar…