Could a ZIL/MDL Tutorial be built in Inform?

I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I just thought of a very interesting idea.
Does anyone remember Lists and Lists, Zarf’s Scheme tutorial in Inform? Well, this thread got me thinking about a possible rebirth for the charming z-machine abuse, as a tutorial/interpreter/thing for MDL and possibly ZIL.
(If you want proof that a thing like this can be done, go play Inform School.)
Just a thought, but who knows? Perhaps this could generate interest in the language.

Except for size constraints, anything could be ported to Inform. The real question is would anyone think it’s worth the effort? Probably not.

True enough. Only God knows how long it would take something like this to be fully functional.

Please do it! If you’re on Facebook then please check out our ZIL Coders group and we can possibly help you with ZIL code stuff. :slight_smile:



It may become worth it, we have a small but growing users group for ZIL. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I don’t have enough Inform (and/or ZIL) knowledge to do this. I’d love to, though. :slight_smile: