Copyright: two questions

If I release (and I pretend to) a post comp version of my Indigo speed-comp entry we would have a lot of material to discuss about, as just everything in it is on the thin border line and ocassionally openly crosses it:

-It’s a remake of a commercial game. An old and obscure one, but commercial, so copyrighted. Incidentally the original author seems to be unknown (at least there apparently are no credits anywhere I searched) but I should ask Jimmy Maher, my guess is that if someone has a clue It would be him!

-The original game is a very simple text adventure written for a 4 kb machine, so It hardly has a handful of ultra-brief location descriptions a some elemental puzzles. My remake is sort of a dramatization over that scenario and puzzles.

-If that wasn’t enough, I added a couple of NPC and named everyone after some very recognisable TV characters. The point is, they just have their names. They don’t pretend to resemble them any more than that… but… the relationship among them happens to have a more than vague similarity with the TV play…

Now, this is something like the Z-Machine Matter situation. Characters were named after some well known real people. They didn’t pretend to be them, or relate to them, or parody them, or reference them, but it was something easy to misunderstand which was, in fact, easily misunderstood by more than one reviewer. If I ever make another IF work It will have a NPC named after matt w (in reference to his help in this thread), but this hipotetical character will not pretend to be neither him not like him. It would be just a name… but yeah, it’s always a thin line…

At least, my Indigo entry has not a TARDIS :laughing: