Copyright concerns?

I am writing an IF narrative that mentions a published work, both as hard copy novel and an Infocom game.

If I use the title as an object / prop, do I run into any copyright issues? I may use a character / object from the text as a passing reference. I will not be using any quoted material beyond that.

I do not intend for my work to be commercial, only for others potential enjoyment.


Thank you, Jeff

Titles are not protected by copyright. Mentioning a character or item within a work is also fine. Copyright would only become relevant if you quoted text directly from the work, and then you’re into the (very blurry) issue of how much quoting is fair use.

We have a long history of Infocom fanfic games. (Scroll Thief; Spiritwrak; Enlightenment; Zork: A Troll’s Eye View.) Activision has never raised any objections, if they’re aware of them at all.


In the past I had professors and administrators looking over my shoulder.

I guess I shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Thank you for the guidance.