Cooking with Inform 7

In one of the stories I am currently working on your player has to find a recipe and gather up all the items required and not only chop up items but also cook them. During my searching around to learn how to accomplish this I found this link that goes directly back to the inform 7 manual as well as the built in manual.

If I am not wanting to implement a point value during the process of this section of the game, will this still work out for what I am wanting to use it for? I am guessing that the same structure that is used here will be sufficient for not only gathering the items and cutting them up but also using this to boil water and cook items placed in a pot.

Since I am so new to this I am always finding that somebody here has the answer. It is possible that there may be something else out there that is easier than this process but this is why I am asking.

Thanks for any help!


Note that the web site manual has not been updated to the current version of I7. That example has not changed much, but it’s in chapter number 16.14 in the built-in manual of the current release. (One change is that you now have to say “Use scoring” to have points in your game at all.)

There are a lot of ways to do what you want. That example is one place to start, yes.

Note that the “record T” phrase there doesn’t care about the order that actions are taken. That example uses scenes to manage what cooking actions are prerequisite to other cooking actions. You’d probably want to copy that part of the code; I’m not sure whether you’d also need the table of tasks.

Where can I find other examples like this that might be more along the lines of what I am wanting to do? Minus the scoring of course? :slight_smile: