Convert UUID to string

How do I turn the IFID (UUID) into a string instead of printing it?

for (ix=6: ix <= UUID_ARRAY->0: ix++) print (char) UUID_ARRAY->ix;

(Just an aside, I assume you’re looking for an I6 solution since you said “string” instead of “text”? If so it might be good to note that explicitly.)

Well, I’d wrap the I6 answer in I7, so both?

Since Inform 7 generates a fixed ID for each project, you could probably just compile, copy the UUID, and paste it into a text constant.

I needed to grab it from the story file, since I’m building a tool that reads data dynamically. So not always my story.

I solved it by creating another fyrevm channel.

If you have a way to print something, you can say “the substituted form of “[print-routine]”” to get an I7 string.