Conversation Defaults Problem, Or Where'd My Bat Go?

[code]Include Conversation Framework by Eric Eve.
Include Conversational Defaults by Eric Eve.

Generic testing chamber is a room.
Batman is a man in generic testing chamber.
A bat is in generic testing chamber.[/code]

So, where’d my bat go?

This is the worst Ectocomp entry I’ve ever seen.

It was given to batman, as you’ll find if you type a second GET BAT at that point.

This is carried out by the standard giving rule in the standard rules. It’s only really a problem if you include Conversation Defaults without Conversational Responses (which unlists the standard giving rule). Perhaps Conversational Defaults should unlist this rule as well? I’m not sure what the right behaviour actually is this case, but that might be the safer option.

Well, with no extensions added the bat wouldn’t be given to Batman by default, so I think the rule should probably be unlisted in Defaults. As in, I wasn’t expecting the extension to change the giving behaviour, but maybe I’m missing something. Would anyone disagree?

I’m happy to change the behaviour as you suggest, but let’s see if any does disagree first.