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In Admiral Jota’s “Lost Pig”, if you sing, Grunk will start singing. Then, regardless of whatever other actions you do, Grunk will continue the next line of the song. I’d like to know how to do a similar thing – I will try my best to explain.

After talking to Jack, he starts off on a monologue, and refuses to shut up until you give him a specific object. I want it so that Jack will give a new line of his monologue every turn, so that the player doesn’t get bored with the same response from him every time. Here’s an example of what the transcript might look like:

[code]Jack can be speaking or silent. Jack is silent.

Every turn when Jack is speaking: say “[one of]First response[or]Second response[or]Third response[or]And so on[or]Now I’m going to go back[or]And start over at the beginning[cycling]”.[/code]

This will go through all of the responses one per turn, as long as Jack is “speaking”, looping back at the end. (Change “cycling” to “stopping” to have him repeat just the last one instead.)

Excellent! Thanks, Draconis! I should have known this one, as I used it before with an “[at random]” in the past, but I didn’t even think about that. Thanks again!

This is brilliant, Draconis! I’ve achieved exactly the same effect, but with tables, and yet I could have just done this! Genius.

An alternative is to run it as a scene. Scenes can be tricky though, and the only actual advantage to that would be if you wanted to use the “if jacktalking ended wistfully” “if jacktalking ended in fisticuffs” mechanism.