contentsListedInExamine and a Booth

I have a Booth/Fixture in my starting location, and an Actor is in the Booth. When I use ‘look’, I get the Actor’s specialDesc, as desired, even though the player is in the Room, not in the Booth. But when I ‘x cabin’ (the booth is a small cabin on the deck of a boat), I get the description of the cabin followed, in a new paragraph, by:

Nikolaides is standing in the cabin.

This happens even though I have set contentsListedInExamine = nil for the Booth object, and also isListedInContents = nil for the Actor. (And no, I didn’t misspell the property names.) (And anyway, isListedInContents = nil is the default for an Actor.)

However, an ordinary object placed in the cabin is NOT listed when I ‘x cabin’ (though it is listed in ‘look in cabin’, as it should be). So it appears that Actor objects are handled in a different way by the examine action. But I’m not finding any special property of the Actor class that would cause it to be omitted from the list of what’s in a Booth (or any other container).

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious … but what?

You’re looking for roomListActorPosture, I think.

modify cabin
    roomListActorPosture(actor) {}

This is called by listActorPosture, which is another place you can override it if the behavior is specific to a particular actor.