Content page nearly empty

I restructured my code and now my contents page is only showing Books 1 & 2 in Volume 1. Is there a way to get this back? I already tried copy and pasting in a new project.

Have you tried Format > Renumber All Sections?

Sometimes a section can get lumped together with a previous one. You could try looking at the last section/chapter/whatever and see if there is a heading within it that isn’t spaced or punctuated correctly. I think headings need to have empty space above and below them in order to be recognized as headings.

That did not work and actually caused some sort of error that made me unable to edit the source code.

!! Strange. But not the first time the Inform IDE has bugged out on me. I’d copy/paste into another text editor, then restart the IDE and copy back into it.

Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 6.26.42 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 6.26.50 PM

It won’t go passed Volume 2 in a brand new project. I even deleted and re-downloaded Inform.

Hmm. Special characters? Incompatible line break encodings? Can you copy and paste the beginning of the code into a code block in here?

Volume  1 - Bibliography

Book 1 - Library Card

The story title is "TWiiN TROUBLE".
The story Author is "Jason Dockins".
The story headline is "Victoria Smort: Very Smart".
The story genre is "Science Fiction".
The release number is 1.
The story description is "Season 01, Episode 01[line break]In which Victoria's morning routine is disrupted by her twin brothers, Luke and Owen."
The story creation year is 2024.

Book 2 - Banner Text

Rule for printing the banner text while turn count is 1:
	stop the action.	

Rule for printing the banner text:
	clear only the main screen;
	say "[/b][story title][/r][line break][/i][story headline][/r][line break][story description]";
	center "[bracket][/i]press SPACE to continue[/r][close bracket]";
	wait for the SPACE key;
	clear only the main screen;
	try looking.
When Twiin_Trouble begins:
	say "[banner text]".

Volume 2 - Set-up

Book 1 - Use and Include

Use American dialect.
Use the serial comma.
Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.
Include Basic Help Menu by Emily Short.
Include Unicode Character Names by Graham Nelson.

I just hat to add a space at the very top.

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