Contact IFDB?

Can anyone contact IFDB or am I the only one who cannot see or hear the CAPTCHA to reveal the e-mail address?

I click “reveal” in the newest version of Chrome or Firefox and a sentence appears:

There is no CAPTCHA and clicking the audio link does nothing at all. There is no blank to type a CAPTCHA. There’s just that sentence.

I thought that maybe the cake is a lie and that’s what the sentence actually means, but in the “Report Technical Problems” section, it says to contact IFDB (rather than use the Wiki).

The problem is, I can’t add games to a recommended list. I copy and paste the TUID into the search box and it says that the game isn’t found. It doesn’t matter what game. I made sure there were no spaces before or after the TUID and I made sure each time that I got it all. I tried five games, including Zork. However, the IFID did produce a list of games, none of them Zork, but still. (Note: I don’t want to add Zork; I’m jut using it as an example.)

Any help would be appreciated, including the e-mail address needed to contact IFDB.


Huh, that’s odd. I’ll PM you the email address.

Yeah, the CAPTCHA thing is doing that for me, too, in multiple browsers. Hm. As is the TUID/IFID thing in recommended lists.

The contact reveal-captcha-thing appears to be broken, yes. Looks like the captcha service’s API changed at some point.

The main site ( has an address which I believe is functional.

Thanks, everyone, and thanks M/U for the PM. I’ll see you on the Twine forum. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to make a report to IFDB tonight or tomorrow, so if anyone feels like doing so, go for it.