Constant Inventory Display

Hey all,

I was wondering, is it possible in Inform to set up the player’s inventory so that it can always be seen (not having to initiate it using ‘inventory’) so you can immediately see what items you are carrying etc.?

if so, any hints in the right direction would be useful. :slight_smile:


Crudely, you could just have the player take inventory every turn:

Every turn: try taking inventory.

But that would get annoying quickly. The obvious other place to put inventory listings would be the status bar, though that would probably not work with anything but a very small inventory. (Instructions for how to tamper with the status line are here.)

What you really want, I suspect, is a separate frame that will display an inventory list at all times. That’s going to require Glulx; Jon Ingold’s Flexible Windows should sort you out (it contains an example for doing just this).

Thanks maga, that extension will work great for my needs.

I just wondered if there was a way within standard Inform to do it.

As you say, constantly taking inventory every turn would get annoying.

But hey ho, Jon Ingold’s extension is perfect after a bit of tweaking so thanks for the help! :slight_smile: