Congratulations on a tie for first place - IF Comp 2020

Linus Åkesson ties for first place with his Dialog-based entry, The Impossible Bottle.



Thank you, and thanks to everyone who played, reviewed, tested, enjoyed and/or voted on my game! And to the IFComp organizers, and all the other authors and reviewers and judges who come together every year to create this wonderful event.

I’m still stunned about making it into the top-two. Especially in a year with an unprecedented amount of entries, many of which were excellent and would have been worthy winners too.

I’ll get back with a thorough post scriptum as soon as it’s ready.


I believe The Impossible Bottle was the first game I ever gave a 10 in IFComp. (Of course, I’ve only judged a relatively small proportion of all IFComp games. Still!)


Well deserved, Linus! A fun game and a great technical accomplishment!


…speaking of technical accomplishments, now that it’s no longer in the realm of the hypothetical, is .d71/.d81 packaging coming to aambundle for larger .aastory files? :slight_smile:

I decided to answer your question in this thread instead.


I just played it and I’m impressed. Obviously for the technical achievement but I also liked the story very much and the ending had quite a nice touch that I didn’t see coming. The puzzles wasn’t that hard even though I used the hints a couple of times. The only puzzle that got a bit tedious was the ship in the bottle. I knew what I was after and how to get there but there was maybe a few to many mechanical steps to get there. Anyhow, a minor thing from a grumpy man.

A pleasant experience! Thank you, Linus, for this little gem.