Congrats, everyone

I am thrilled to see the forums take a firmly future-facing step with today’s Great Migration to a new server and a modern and mobile-friendly platform, and I am humbled that the organization I help run was able to play a role in making it happen.

I know this took a lot of work and coordination, and that some rough edges remain for the site’s mods and admins to file down and polish. I have every confidence that this labor will result in a smart and modern site, run by caring and attentive IF fans, which will serve the community beautifully for many years to come.

Good job, everyone.



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Yeah, I’m so glad I can load up intfiction without that obnoxious search error!


Agreed. This is “meh” at best and mostly blah.


Hey, we welcome feedback about how to improve things. But maybe the post in which someone congratulates people (mostly people other than me) for doing a lot of work which they inarguably did is not the place to “meh” it up?

If you want to make specific complaints that we can address, they’ll be more likely to be heard in their own thread. If you want to complain about new stuff in ways that probably can’t be addressed, that’s also fine, in its own thread. Responding to the “congratulations” post with “meh” is just rude to Jason and mostly Dannii, without whose hard work we wouldn’t (for instance) have any kind of “unread posts” search working, among other things.


I think pointing out that a lot of people don’t see this as a move deserving of congratulations probably does belong in a “congratulations thread.” We don’t believe it results in a “smart and modern site” but a broken site. And we responded (at least I did and I assume the other meh as well) because this thread feels a lot like propaganda…

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I think maybe the post was not so much propaganda as a way of publicly expressing thanks to someone who just did a lot of work to make the site, at worst, no more broken than it was before.

Also, it seems like generally, when one disagrees with something that someone is being congratulated for, the thing to do is not to air those complaints in the very place where they are being congratulated. If I don’t much like the games that win a comp, I’m not going to say that in the thread where the winners are being congratulated.


All discussion about moving to Discourse was held in private (a couple people decided that they represent everyone,) so I was surprised to see congratulations sent in public.

You know. Just sayin’.


I’m already enjoying the much more advanced search facility.

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The owners of a website changed how their website works without getting your approval. Shocking!


I’m actually diggin’ the new place, but I’m no “techie” who would know about this site’s features over another site. I also love that I can have a “Dark Theme”, which is something I wish every single site on the net offered.


Are you using the Vincent theme or just the Dark one?

The Dark one. I just checked out the Vincent one. It’s a’ight but I think I like this one.
Also, I never knew of the “night light” feature in Windows. When I discovered that, I thought I’d die from happiness.

That “night light” feature has made many people think they need to get a new monitor. I always have to explain “No, you hit the wrong button… and some people like this”. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for bringing the website into the 21st century.

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I am not so sure it is a good idea. I conforms to the iPhone mentality of a simplistic dumbed-down interface. But on other forums I participate in that use this style, it is a major reason people complain. Sort of like Windows 8 tried to make the “Windows Experience” like a phone. It is more limiting than helpful to those that use a full computer to read the forum.

Will I get used to it? Yes. Will I ever say it was a great idea? Probably not.

I’m quite interested to hear this! At risk of crossing the streams a bit, one early finding of IFTF’s accessibility team is a common desire for “night mode” or other light-text-on-dark-color presentation, especially among low-vision IF players.

Light/dark-mode choices are not something I personally had paid much mind to before, so this was a real education, and I’m more attuned to it now.

I’ve never heard of “night light” but I assume it’s one of those things that changes your screen depending on the time of day to save your eyes? Similar to the f.lux app and other OS built-in screen color temperature utilities?

I do usually prefer a dark mode on many websites and utilities when available.

It makes it orange… like blue-blocker glasses.

Yeah, i used f.lux for a while - supposedly the idea is that staring into a monitor with lots of bright whites and blues prevents your brain from realizing it’s night time and causes some people to have trouble sleeping? It also works well if you’re taking pictures near a computer - the warmer orangey color temperature doesn’t throw an unnatural glow onto anything.

I used f.lux for a while, but found I was mostly disabling it for videos and then nearly everything else I wanted to use in the evening! I do have OSXs built in version called “Night Shift” enabled which is a little less severely orange.