Confirming If Condition Checks for Rows in Tables

Hey all.

I was going through section 16.3 of “Writing with Inform” and based on that I did this:

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Table 2.1 - Selected Elements
Element		Symbol		Atomic Number	Atomic Weight
"Hydrogen"	"H"		1		1
"Iron"		"Fe"		26		56
"Zinc"		"Zn"		30		65
"Uranium"	"U"		92		238

When play begins:
	if there is an element corresponding to an atomic number of 27 in the Table of Standard Elements:
		say "Atomic number 27 is in the table.";
	if there is an atomic number of 27 in the Table of Standard Elements:
		say "Atomic number 27 is in the table.";

My understanding from the manual is that this should protect me from run-time errors, in the sense of referring to non-existent rows. However, this doesn’t even compile. It says:

But then it turns out this error happens if I use an atomic number that does exist in the table. For example, change 27 in my code above to 26. That should match “Iron”. I thought maybe it had to do with the fact that I’m referencing a number, so I tried a modification like this:

if there is an element corresponding to a symbol of "Fe" in the Table of Standard Elements:

Here just replacing atomic number and a numeric value with symbol and a string value. Same error, however, upon compile.

This happens with both variations on the conditional. That’s why I have both in place. I would comment out the first one to see if the second one worked.

So I’m not sure what I’m missing here.

It’s just a table name mismatch–your table is called “Selected Elements” and you’re trying to looking things up in the Table of Standard Elements.

Yup. You are completely correct.

You are also completely fine with saying “Hey, idiot! Proofread your code!” Particularly when I do something that dumb.

Side story: it’s funny because I’ve taken a break from Inform related things and I’ve been using a variety of other languages. One thing that slips a bit, I found, when you move between a lot of languages is some of the most common sense diagnostic aspects. Anyway – thanks for the assist.

Ha ha, I’d never snark on someone for that sort of thing–can’t count how much time I’ve spent trying to figure out some tricky syntax I thought I’d mangled when the problem was that I’d misspelled the word “tchotchkes” or something like that. What do you mean, you don’t understand what the subsituted form is?

ETA: One of the tricky things is that Inform knows that “If there is a…” is something you use only when looking up table entries. If you typed “When play begins: If there is a boing, do nothing.” you’d get the same “value, not a reference to a table” error. This makes it seem like Inform understood more of what you meant than it actually did.