conditionally moving hidden objects


I want to move an item A (Hidden, OpenableContainer) from nil to the underside of item B (OpenableContainer, with an underside component), the trigger is an AskTopic in a NPC. Moving item A into B is works fine but how do I move it underneath?


I found the correct terminology on p. 81 of “Learning TADS 3.”

A second comment, though … if the item is still !discovered, why not just have it be in the underside to begin with? All you should need to do is call in the AskTopic.

To do this, if your AskTopic is also a StopEventList (because you need more than one response to the player’s question), you may need to use a short-form anonymous function (the syntax for which is on p. 131):

+AskTopic, StopEventList @someTopic [ 'First answer. ', {: "Second answer, blah blah blah<<>>. " }, 'Final answer, which repeats. ' ] ;

#@$%!, problem solved. I was using the full room name instead of just the underside name.

The item starts out in nil, so if the pc searches the location before talking to the npc, he won’t find anything, hence the AskTopic trigger to move it.

By the way the code on p.81 is just a bit different to the code for underside in the html tourguide, which is the one I am using. The learning tads 3 version looks to be a lot clearer.