Computers by Emily Short - problem after upgrade


I’ve just upgrade to I7_6M62_Windows and one of the extension I’ve been used throws up errors, namely “Computers by Emily Short”. Seems to have vanished from the Extension library.

It is throwing up errors such as:

Problem. You wrote 'A multiple-choice program has some text called the out of bounds response'  : but only an object, kind, rulebook, action or activity can be allowed to have properties or variables, so for instance 'A door has a colour' is fine but not 'A number has a length'.
Problem. You wrote 'The out of bounds response is usually "[Our] selection, '[topic understoo [...] not one of the available choices."'  : but you can only equivocate with 'usually', 'rarely', 'always' and the like when talking about kinds of thing, because when a specific thing is involved you should say definitely one way or another. 'A cave is usually dark' is fine, but not 'the Mystic Wood is usually dark'.
In Section 4 - Enumerated Multiple Choice Programs in the extension Computers by Emily Short:

Problem. You wrote 'The out of bounds response is usually "[The item described] [beep]: [our] [...] ices. Try, for instance, SELECT 1."'  : again, you can only equivocate with 'usually', 'rarely', 'always' and the like when talking about kinds of thing.

Can anyone give me some clues on how to fix it?

You probably have an old version. The current version of Computers is version 7.

If you mean the extensions section of the Inform 7 web site, that’s been supplanted by the Public Library within the I7 app itself and github. (The I7 web site is now maintaining extensions that are compatible with the older 6G60 version of I7.) To access the Public Library, click on the Extensions panel in the I7 app, and then select the Public Library tab at the top of the panel. You’ll find Computers in §8. (Props: Food, Clothing, Money, Toys, Books, Electronics), specifically in §8.2. (Computers). You should be able to install the latest version via the install button there.

Thanks for posting a reply and the info about extensions in I7. I am running the latest version of Computers and it is still giving the same errors. Guess I look at removing it and handling another way.

Is there anything in the latest release you really need? I’m still using an older version because of error messages thrown up when I upgraded to the latest version a while back. The older version works just fine for me.

Nothing that I’m aware of. I let it a while before upgrading, thought I’d give it a try. This extension is the only thing I can find that doesn’t work.

I’ve just installed Computers and it works fine with a simple program. Is there anything you have that might be causing a namespace clash with something? The errors you get seem like what would happen if somehow a multiple-choice program were defined as a single thing instead of a kind of thing.

I had conflicts with Computers when trying to upgrade Counterfeit Monkey too. I would guess that it’s conflicting with some other extension, but which I don’t know.

Looks like it was conflicting with “Facing by Emily Short”. It was also causing the compiler to bomb with a Code 10.

To get Computers to work Counterfeit Monkey on 6M62, every instance of “out of bounds response” had to be changed to “out-of-bounds response”.

The updated version can be found here:

I asked Emily Short about your update to her extension, angstsmurf, and she said “I’m happy if people want to keep that up to date.”

My point is, if that version isn’t the one already on the public library, it can go there. :slight_smile: This little incompatibility may affect OTHER games (and extension combinations) than just CM.

Thanks Angstsmurf, renaming “out of bounds response” definitely fixed the issue in my game.

Glad it worked out for you, but it was actually Dannii Willis who made that fix. Thanks, Dannii! There is another fix in there, the change from password lock to password-lock, that was suggested by Vince Laviano.

For some reason the link above does not seem to work, but it should alway be possible to find the file at You can download it by right-clicking on the Raw button and selecting download linked file.

I’ve uploaded it to as well.