Computer Novel Construction Set

From Underdogs:

I started out writing IF with this. It’s limited, but with some trickery you can do semi-advanced stuff.

It includes a simple game and a more complex game (With the sources) to teach you everything you need to know.

Download: … uction-Set

I wish I had the source code :unamused:

Sounds a bit like Adrift to me…

You can write your own source code for the CNCS if you are familiar with programming.
I did that and coded a quick interpreter and editor which is able to read, edit and display some of the data in the CNCS gamefiles…

That’s great, that Hayden’s Computer Novel Construction Set is a surprisingly versatile program that lets non-programmers create stand-alone text adventures in the Infocom tradition, complete with storyline and inventory-based puzzles. Hayden’s computer novel construction set is more advanced than most early games from Hayden themselves. That is good for everyone, that they make their own even the non-programmer. Thank you for sharing that idea, this can help everyone. :wink: