Comps with nearish deadlines...

Hi guys,

I was writing a game for the recent Jay is Games IF contest, but didn’t finish my game in time [emote]:([/emote] . Oh wells. Anyway, I was wondering if there were any comps that finish in about 1-2 months time? The theme for Jay is Games comp was ‘Escape’, so it would either have to be a general contest or one with that theme.

Any help would be appreciated,


Spring Thing might be your best bet:

If your game has only one room, the One Room Game Competition is also an option:

There’s also a list of comps here (scroll to the bottom):


And there’s nothing wrong with just releasing the game. Non-comp games get much more exposure these days than they used to.

Spring Thing looked interesting, but it said the entry cost could be anywhere between $7 and $100. $20 would probably be max on entry fee; it’s my first game, and not that good.

The One Room comp looked interesting, but my game has two rooms, albeit the second being only box room size. I could condense them into one room, but I don’t really want to do that.

I guess I’ll just release it outside of a comp. Perhaps I can get some publicity if Jay is Games decides to review it. It also means I’ll have as much time as I want to test/edit it [emote];)[/emote] . I worked out I could probably have just finished it for the Jay is Games comp, but it would have not been very well tested, and I would have had to work for 3 hours a day on it. Not good. Now I have a lot more time to make it better.

Actually it says the TOTAL of entry fees can be from $7 to more than $100. The entry fee for one game is $7 (“After hearing back from the organizer, you should then send a non-refundable entry fee of $7 US to the prize pool.”)


Ah, that clarifies it a lot! I may enter it now, as seeing $7 is only about £5. However, I still think I’ll release it privately, because as it’s my first game I’ll really want feedback on the puzzles and stuff, and whilst I know beta-testers can do that, I’m not about to rewrite the puzzles! I’m also a little tired of the project, so finishing my current game will be good.